ntah ehk?

Sunday, May 2, 2010



Updates once again bitch. Went Szelin’s birthday on the uhh idk what date. Then BOOMZ exam start already. Malay paper wasn’t that bad :O

Bombom has a new gf. So fast. Not bad for fat a guy like you. shows some fuck face expression Why am i still calling you bombom?? WTF -_-” Anywaysss!

Met Derick at the chalet together w Adam. Awwwhhzzzz he was so cute. We exchanged wallets. I own his ugly worn out simple wallet And he owns my new orange with floral 3-d petals BONIA wallet. Wow Derick uses BONIA wallet now I wonder how and what his friends will think…

Met Razil and he gave me a hell of a lecture. Cried my heart out and well it really made me learn my lessons. Thanks Razil =] hugs

Well yesterday mommeh treated me breakfast deluxe at mcdonalds. So sedap but her cooking is just unbeatable!!! :D Go home and onlined thru mommeh’s hp, then she wanted to go out to get groceries so she passed me back my baby, my life, my iPhone!!!! :D So happy luhszxzxz.

Ok I’m very smelly naoz, I wanna shower. Hot day ahead peepul. Be back later ahkays! Xoxo.

im going to jurong west public library to entertain the kids <3


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